Best food in Minecraft

Thu Jan 12. 2023

Best food in Minecraft

Survival mode in Minecraft is a game where food is essential. Creative players won't have to eat but Survival requires that they be able to survive and sprint. Update 0.12.1 introduced hunger to the game. Since then, there have been many food items added.

It is the easiest way to get food, as it doesn't require hunting or killing animals. Each crop can be replanted to ensure that the cycle continues. These are the top Minecraft foods that Survival players can grow.

5) Sweet berries

Sweet berries don't provide much hunger restoration. One berry is enough to satisfy two hunger points, but it doesn't provide much saturation. They are easy to grow.

They can be planted by players and harvested when they are full. After a mature sweet berry bush has given birth to 2-3 sweet berries, it will start growing them again.

4) Beetroot

A beetroot can only replenish one hunger point by itself. It becomes a great food item when it is made into beetroot soup. It restores 6 points of hunger, and 7.2 saturation.

The soup is made with six beetroots. However, they are easy to grow and harvest. So that every beetroot is included in the soup, seeds are planted. So players can make more, the bowl is left behind.

3) Carrot

Although raw carrots aren't very helpful in hunger relief, they can be made into golden carrots. These are the most popular food item in Minecraft. It's also easy to grow a lot of carrots, as one plant can produce three carrots (more with Fortune).

You can also drop them by zombies which makes it easier to obtain them than other items.

2) Wheat

Although wheat cannot be eaten, it can be used in many different recipes. Wheat is required for bread, cake, pumpkin pie and cookies. These are some of the most useful food items in this game.

Although they require many other items, wheat is universal and great for Survival. You can also get seeds by simply breaking down grass.

1) Potatoes

Minecraft players shouldn't eat a normal potato. They should instead cook it. They become baked potatoes. This requires only coal to cook them.

A baked potato has six saturation and five hunger points. Baked potatoes are a simpler recipe than other Minecraft food with similar stats.