Best Heights for farming ores

The majority of Minecraft players spend their time mining. Mining is where most of the game’s most important items are found. Underground are plentiful resources for iron, coal, gold and copper as well as lapis lazuli redstone and diamonds. You can also find them in other ways but mining is the best method.

Underground is the best place to find each resource. The 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update has made everything possible. Since caves are now a whole lot lower, everything underground has been altered. These are the top places to mine Minecraft 1.18 resources.

Minecraft 1.18: Best resources levels

The most important resource will determine the overall level. It could be any resource, depending on how many Minecraft players are playing the game. Most players agree that diamonds should be the first resource you look for.

Diamonds are found more often at a higher level because of this. Players can choose to strip mine at Y level 58 or 59. These levels offer the best spawning chances for diamond ore. These levels are great for strip mining, as they're often found in caves.

Other resources aren't as plentiful at these two levels. Redstone is best mined between Y levels 0 and 64. For iron, however, it is at Y level 16. For copper, the level is 48. Level 232 is where you will often find Emeralds.

However, this doesn't mean Minecraft players won’t be able to mine these resources at other levels. Players can find diamonds if they go down to Y-58. Redstone, lapis liu, copper, iron and coal will be found, as well as redstone, lapis liu, lazis, gold, and many other things.

Although Minecraft players will not find these ores as often, they will still be able to find them. They can go to that level and they will find plenty of diamonds, the most valuable resource, as well as enough other resources to live on.

That makes Y levels of -58 and/or -59 the most desirable overall level to mine at. There are many other resources that can be found by staircase mining. Players will do well mining there.