How to find lush caves in Minecraft

In the 1.17 update, Lush caves were added to Minecraft. However, they are only available in experimental gameplay, custom-made world types or as an add-on. They were made official in vanilla Minecraft with the 1.18 update. They quickly rose to be one of the most popular biomes.

Many blocks and other items can only be found in lush caves. This is unfortunate as it can be difficult to find the biome. If gamers want to find one, here's what they can do.

Minecraft lush caves: Features, where they spawn, and more

The only way to find lush caves, unfortunately, is to search for them. There are no structures there that can generate them, and the command /locate doesn't work with biomes at this time. Without a world seed, players won't be able to find out where a lush cavern is located.

Crafters cannot spawn in lush caves when they first create a world. Although they may be able to spawn in a cave, they will not land within one.

There are a few requirements that must be met before lush caves can spawn. This helps to narrow down the search. You can find them anywhere from Y-10 to 50 underground.

These trees are often found in areas that have forested biomes. A lush cave will also be beneath players who see an Azalea or Azalea tree. If there is enough space above the cave, Azalea trees will sprout and roots dirt will also spawn.

The biome can be found in a cave filled with lush vegetation. It has many unique features. It features moss, grass and azalea bushes. These are unusual for an underground biome.

In lush caves, regular Minecraft vines as well as cave vines are common. You can also find glowberries in this area, which has many benefits.

There are also rare mobs that spawn there (Java Edition).

Although the Minecraft Bedrock Edition numbers may vary, they are all very similar. However, Bats cannot spawn in Bedrock's lush caves.