Minecraft mods?

The Minecraft 1.18 update is now available. Many Minecraft players don't play the latest updates until they have installed their favorite mods.

Caves and Cliffs Part 2 was Minecraft's most anticipated update. Modders were already working on their mods while it was still being developed. Version 1.18 has many mods.

Mods allow players to modify vanilla Minecraft gameplay and make Minecraft a completely new game. These mods are great for Minecraft 1.18 multiplayer servers.

5 mods to Minecraft 1.18 multiplayer servers

5) Waystones

Stasis chambers in vanilla Minecraft can be used as teleporters. It can however be unpredictable as it becomes inoperable once the chamber is filled with unloaded chunks. Waystone mod adds waystone block that can be used to teleport.

Players can activate a waystone and teleport to it with warp scrolls, stones or other means. Players can quickly set up waystones on a multiplayer server and teleport around it.

4) Clumps

Server admins often face lag when managing Minecraft servers. Some servers will experience performance problems due to the 1.18 update which drastically changed the Overworld generation.

Clumps is an optimization mod that administrators can use to reduce server lag spikes. Clumps can group XP orbs to create a single entity. The server administrator should install optimization mods if members farm mobs such as endermen and zombie piglins.

3) Optifine

Optifine isn't a server-side modification, but it can be used by players to improve their Minecraft server experience. Optifine increases the game's performance and allows you to access beautiful shaders. This mod can be used by players to improve FPS and beautiful lighting.

2) JourneyMap

It would be awesome if Minecraft featured a mini-map at the top of the screen. The JourneyMap mod for Minecraft is a great option for players who want this feature. This mod adds a small mini-map showing terrain features such as structures and biomes.

JourneyMap is a map that shows the Minecraft world in real time. You can also view this map from a web browser.

1) Origins

Origin SMP is the name Origin's mod has been given in the Minecraft community. Each member can choose their own origin by installing the mod on a Minecraft server. Players will be able to use abilities with pros and cons depending on their origin.

More modders will be releasing mods for 1.18 in the coming weeks. You will soon have the opportunity to test more mods in Minecraft's latest update.