Minecraft servers are not shutting down...

An employee of Mojang and Microsoft confirmed that Minecraft servers won't be shutting down in 2020.

If you need further proof that Minecraft servers won't close down in 2020, Mojang/Microsoft employees have tweeted that the game isn't stopping.

Original story:

This and another popular mainstream product are the subject of many stories. These rumours have been spreading among Tik Tok users, and there's now concern that Mojang will shut down Minecraft servers in 2020.

Minecraft is still a very popular product on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as PC. Sony has finally allowed cross-play to work.

But, the game is becoming more popular than its long existence. Do millions of loyal fans have to be concerned about Mojang closing down its servers in 2020?

Are you worried that Minecraft will shut down in 2020?

Mojang won't close down Minecraft servers in 2020.

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Recently published reports claim that Mojang plans to close down Minecraft servers on December 21, 2020. However, this story is merely a joke.

Although some in the game community are dismayed at the prospect of doomsday, there is no need to cry as it's not happening.

Some have posted on social media crying about the possibility of Minecraft's death, but most people are smart enough to realize that this hoax is merely a hoax to create panic.

Minecraft won't be closing down. We will continue to release updates so that we can keep playing.

Rumours of Minecraft's shutdown in 2020 explained

A website called Channel 45 News started the rumour that Minecraft would shut down in 2020.

This website allows anyone to create a prank story and share it on Facebook.

"Mojang announced on Twitter that Minecraft would shut down its servers on December 21st 2020," reads the post Minecraft Will Shutdown Their Servers in late 2020. Markus Alexji Persson (known as Notch), the founder of Minecraft, said that 11 years is enough time for the game. According to his interview, the company should say goodbyes and close the shops when 2020 arrives.

The above is clearly a joke. Mojang has not announced anything on Twitter, and Channel 45 News doesn't attempt to fake legitimacy.

The hoax is mainly a hoax that people saw in the key snippet at Google the reported gravestone of the game.

Mojang won't close down Minecraft's servers this year, so don't be alarmed if your favorite game isn't available to you and your friends.