Mods to help you survive in Minecraft

Minecraft is a survival game at its core. This could be called the default game mode in Minecraft.

Mods are able to enhance survival by adding mobs and other mechanics. Mods are available to add additional content to Minecraft in the rare instance that players have difficulty finding something to do. Below are a few examples of mods.

5) Survive

This mod adds features to the HUD of the player. The player can now see their thirst level above the hunger bar. Players have the option of boiling or purifying their water before they drink it. Other fluids than water are also available to replenish your health.

At the top of your screen, you will also see the temperature. The temperature is affected by many factors, such as the biome of the player or their clothes. Depending on the temperature, players can experience hypothermia and hyperthermia.

This mod is available for download here.

4) End Remastered

The End Remastered mod alters how Minecraft players can find the End and enter it. To progress to the End, they will need to find 11 types of Eyes of Ender as well as a new item called "powdered Core". This game mode is great for spending hours exploring and has a lot of puzzles.

This mod is available for download here.

3) When Dungeons Arise

This mod transforms caves into huge dungeons. These dungeons can be ridden by Minecarts. Players can explore each dungeon's floors, which are filled with loot or hostile mobs. You can also find ships, palaces, illager camps and other new structures.

This mod is available for download here.

2) Artifacts

Artifacts mod adds powerful objects and an underground campsite structure to the game to encourage exploration. Each item comes with its own model.

This mod is available for download here.

1) The corpse

The death mods can be used to display death statistics for Minecraft players. The Corpse mod allows players to use the corpse mod to die. Their body is kept in the nether or overworld until it can be obtained. Every dead body will retain the skin of the player it belonged to. It also prevents players from losing their progress or items.

This mod is available for download here.

Mods are a great addition to Minecraft. They allow players to explore the game in their own way. These mods can also be used in survival mode to improve the user's experience and add new features.