Nintendo & Minecraft?

Creator Dippy22 began work to make Nintendo's part in the Universal Studios resorts of Japan and California. Super Nintendo World will feature rides that are based on several Super Mario platform games and reference many of the storied plumbers' history. The Japanese version will open first in the first half this year. Dippy22 is working to make it into a Minecraft map to celebrate that launch.

Although progress is only beginning, at 5%, you can see that some pieces are coming together in these screenshots. You can see the grand entrance, which welcomes visitors through a warppipe. Also, you will find the markers for Yoshi's adventure, Kinopio's cafe, and the 1UP Factory. You can visit the community discord to learn more about Dippy's mammoth endeavor.

Hot tourist spots include Attack on Titan's Shiganshina, Mount Everest, and Mount Everest via Minecraft. Minas Tirith, from Lord of the Rings. Who needs to leave the house or go to airports?