Top Minecraft house designs (2021)

Minecraft is all about building. Building is a key aspect of Minecraft, regardless of whether players play in single-player worlds or in populated multiplayer servers.

The most popular Minecraft build is the house. Every player, whether they are a beginner or seasoned Minecrafter, wants their house to be beautiful and appealing. Players who are just starting out in Minecraft may choose to build simple houses with cobblestone or dirt. However, those with more experience will opt for stylish and challenging builds.

Top Minecraft house designs (2021)

5) Survival house

This house is a simple but stylish design that's great for players with a lot of experience in Minecraft. Most of the construction is made using wooden planks, and stripped wooden logs. The roof tiles for the different sections of the house were built with blackstone. The house's base is made of stone bricks. It also features flowers and bushes as decoration.

4) Skybase

The house is suspended high in the sky and has a large size. The house consists of two buildings with their own living spaces. The roof connects the buildings. It is made from a mixture of red wool and red concrete as well as red concrete powder. Each house has a sandstone base. The house is surrounded by a variety of plants, including trees, dead bushes, and flowers.

3) Winter house

This house is ideal for holiday season. It is a tall and medium-sized house. Redditor chose a white, empty space to build the house, further achieving the "winter" theme. The snow covers the roof of this house. The chimney is a thin, long and narrow structure that rises above the house.

2) Mountain Moon House

The mountain house is a cozy and beautiful design. The house is spread over 2 floors and can accommodate all the necessary items to survive in Minecraft's harsh environments. The house's front is covered with glass and is shaped as a crescent moon. The partially hidden crescent moon conceals a lantern.

1) Bora Bora House

Bora Bora Bora is a well-known tourist destination that offers the best beach and seaside experiences on the planet. Minecraft Redditor, u/Waspycraft1, took notice of this and built a house that was similar to the Bora Bora cabins. The house's long design is partially submerged in water. The house looks like a beach house.

The majority of the structure is constructed using birch logs stripped and white concrete as pillars. You can see a small boat built in the water next to the house and two other smaller boats.